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Photos, courtesy of Lyle montgomery from the 1970's
             Who, and where are they now ?

Mike and debi, (waikikiwallmermaid)

Lyle at tables.... you can still find him sitting on the wall come and say hi, and share old times.....   
      The History of the Kapahulu Groin  (Waikiki wall) or (walls)
  Part of a Waikiki Beach improvement project that was completed in July of 1951. It is a storm drain that runs under Kapahulu Avenue. the 1950's Waikiki Beach Project included more then 100,000 cubic yards of sand from Waimanalo and the Kaneohe Naval Air Station to create beaches on both sides of the Wall. The Kapahulu Groin was built by James W. Glover Ltd.

Amber Berr and Ben Severson at Wall contest....
                          Mike Stewart 
Nora, Inea, Frannie,Fong, and Baby Sean
               Hamburger 40 cents!!!!!
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